Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Val Kilmer

Now we all have celebrity crushes, I mean it's hard not too when there are naked pictures of everyone dresses up like vampires up all over the place right? Not that that's the type of thing that gets me going, but judging by the current collective fixation I would thank that type of character floats many people's boats.  I digress. The famous people I would roll around the sack with might not be what some may deem attractive any more, and are even more would some would label as old men. The numero uno on this list is my ultimate dream boat lover, Mr Val Kilmer. Now this man is not in the best shape of his life at the current moment, but I still love him so. One of his more recent films is playing at the laurelhurst, and that is where I shall be this weekend. The only tricky part is distracting James from my pure adoration of Val.

I wish I woke up with this at my kitchen table

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