Sunday, September 25, 2011

Europe Trip Film, FINALLY!

My wonderful sister in law has a background in film, and also a semi functioning blackroom. Not wanting to get my eight rolls of film developed and printed at Walgreens I decided to keep it in the family. I still had to get the negatives developed at the good ole wal of greens but the processing of film to a digital format was done by the fam. Our trip went as such:



All these photos were taken with my diana mini+ on her premiere voyage as my camera. The film I used ranged from some cheap walgreens brand to some nicer fuji stuff, but nothing above 500 speed(I think). The diana has an option for the smaller two in one frame rectangular shots or the smaller square shots, hence some of the frames here consist of two images.There are still some b&w films rolls that I haven't done anything with yet, so stay tuned!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Afternoon snack

 taken with my sweet coolpix s210

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In the Kitchen


Yesterday was filled with bread making, iced tea drinking, and farwell drinks. Recipes and pictures to follow.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ginger Syrup

I have been trolling around the interwebs recently for the purpose of inspiring my lazy butt. More specifically I want to cook more. Even more specifically I want to cook more without having to go to the store first. Taking a quick assessment of the inards of my kitchen I discovered an over abundance of ginger and a half a bottle of Maker's Mark. Hrm.....

While this recipe only involves the first ingredient listed, it can most certainly be used with the latter.

Ginger Syrup
yields 2 cups
3 min prep 60 min cookin

1 huge piece of ginger
1 cup plain white sugar
2 cups water

1. Peel ginger(at least most of it) then either dice up or throw in food processor for about two seconds. You want small chunks, not puree.

2. Throw everything in a pot and bring to a boil. After it gets to that bubbling over the pot stage turn down the heat to a nice simmer and leave on for an hour. Smell and stir to make sure those chunks don't start to stick and burn on the bottom.

3. After about an hour the solution will be thicker and the smell of ginger will have filled up your apartment. The next step is to strain out the chunky bits of ginger and throw them in the compost. I'm not sure what else to use them for, there's probably something fantastical though. 

4. Now I don't get too fancy with my technique here. I use my good old goodwill colander and an old mason jar. After the messy relocation let the syrup cool down for a bit. This gives me some time to make a little label and clean up some of the mess.

I've been using this sticky stuff to sweeten my coffee, spice up my lemonade, and take the edge off of a whisky soda. It'll probably stay good for about a month, but I'm thinking it won't last that long!