Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Denial Fall

If life only had four phases then I would consider myself to be leaving my summer and slowly entering into my Fall. Seeing as how Fall is one of my favorite seasons that shouldn't be too bad, right? Wrong. I feel that I should have something to show more than a minimum wage job, a bachelor's degree, and a baby blog. At least I am keeping myself afloat and only hang out at coffee shops when I have a good outfit on!
As you can see I have yet to perfect the ideal self portrait in my apartment, but it's a process to I'm having fun with. To properly reflect my blues of late I have been wearing these ridiculously bright blue pants for seven days straight. Who knows how long this will continue, maybe my coworkers will have an intervention, or maybe James will throw them away when I'm sleeping.

I'm also denying the stupid coldness my only wearing a cardigan, take that mother gia! We all know who the real winner is in this situation....

Back on track, I have also been cooking way too much lately. Some things that have gone in my mouth have been:

Twice baked bacon & broccoli potatoes with white cheddar on top
Thai influenced coconut squash soup (omg I used my new truffle salt on this!!!)
Kale chips
Wedding style appetizers via ingredients+boredom at work
Tahitian Limeade
Zucchini Fritters(good idea em)
Rosemary Bread
Green breakfast smoothies
Split pea soup
Banana Hazelnut French Toast
Parmesan Waffle fries
Buckwheat noodles with smoked salmon
Three day marinated teriyaki beef
Sausage, bean, and kale soup

Boredom leads to cooking, but frugality does as well. Many of the ingredients I've been using have been from the trash bins at work, on sale from wholepaycheck, or bartered for at farmers markets. One of the best example of a cheap fine dining experience at home I have made was steak and veggies. This meal would have cost +50$ for two people at a restaurant, but at home it cost 20$, and that was even with a bottle of wine thrown in!

Want to see some pictures of my extrordinary cooking??
Zucchini Fritters with salvaged parmesan cheese

Banana Hazelnut French Toast(salvaged bread, hazelnuts, and bananas a customer left at work)

Pear, Spinch, and Wheat Germ Smoothie(All salvaged or donated by friends)

Green Split Pea Soup(with bought HotDogs)

At least there's one thing that I can do to please myself, besides the obvious, and that is to cook. Another thing I have gotten really good at is drinking way too much coffee. I always have a jar of cold brew in my fridge these days, and all I want to do on my day off is drink coffee, go for walks, and read/nap. As for bike riding, I need motivation! I no longer have a ride buddy a few blocks away, and my main squeeze's schedule and mine are completely opposite.

As for getting a job within my intended career field, I'm trying! Really, I am. It's all about networking and I'm not so good, but I'm making baby steps. Non-profit career fair next week, yes please!

And I'll leave you with what I'm currently doing.

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  1. Wow, that Em really know her zucchini. I don't have any motivation to ride either. And I think that you are sitting a Alder bakery when you wrote this. Yes?