Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some of Today and Some of Yesterday

Inspired by my dear faraway friend I feel the need to share the outfit that I wore today to go shopping at WholePaycheck.
Can you tell that I like purple?
Maybe not though, the colors didn;t turn out so well! Anyways the ourfit breaks down as such: Purple courderoy, a purple striped sweater, blue jacket, and purple toms(yeah I also have a pair, huzzah!).  These pants are deemed as my progress pants, the jacket from a free pile, the sweater is my boo's, and the shoes match a pair of my moms. Contraire to Portland etiquette this outfit is sans hood, but thats a o k because I managed to escape the torrental downpour that ensued after my voyage. Now this trip was all in preparation for a split pea soup I made this afternoon, not just some crazy jaunt to see how I could escape the rain. The soup turned out fantastic, even though it's vegan(!), but what was more amazing was the song I came up with on the way. If I had to come up with a title it would be Split Pea Soup Time, Double Time. I even shared it with the radical feminist cashier, but she wasn't impressed. Though I wouldnt be surpried if I hear it as a new hit single from some local grunge band.

Since this flow of creativity was unleashed from its closed up gates I have been producing a random assortment of edible&non-edible goodies. It hasn't hurt that the Lips has been dead slow and there's quite a few materials at hand for me to use. Here's a picture by picture of a baby flip book that I made using old recipts. The star of the show is one of my old friends named Sheldon, he's an egg, but you'll like him anyways.

As you can see I'm a genius, but I already knew that, and you did too. I'll put up the recipe for split pea soup later, but as for right now there's a Mr Draper here to see me.

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  1. As soon as you said you made a song about split pea soup I started thinking of how it would go and you singing it to the cashier with jazz hands.