Sunday, September 25, 2011

Europe Trip Film, FINALLY!

My wonderful sister in law has a background in film, and also a semi functioning blackroom. Not wanting to get my eight rolls of film developed and printed at Walgreens I decided to keep it in the family. I still had to get the negatives developed at the good ole wal of greens but the processing of film to a digital format was done by the fam. Our trip went as such:



All these photos were taken with my diana mini+ on her premiere voyage as my camera. The film I used ranged from some cheap walgreens brand to some nicer fuji stuff, but nothing above 500 speed(I think). The diana has an option for the smaller two in one frame rectangular shots or the smaller square shots, hence some of the frames here consist of two images.There are still some b&w films rolls that I haven't done anything with yet, so stay tuned!

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