Thursday, November 17, 2011

When locked out of the house...

...would you want to be dressed like this? Yeah, me neither. Thankfully I put on a pair of XXL grey sweats moments after taking this spectacular photo of myself. With sweats on I carried a bundle of laundry in my arms and prepared for a day of chores by locking the door behind me.The instant the door knob mechanism locked into place I realized the error of my ways. No keys, no phone, no wallet, and no goshdarned coat. FML. 

In some stroke of luck mi amiga Sage was on her way to  my place so we could gulp down some caffinated substances together. After about a half hour she arrived, gave me her coat, and proceded to buy me coffee. Her generosity was not without a price though. I already felt like a soggy hobo, but she paraded me to wholepaycheck to pick up a few things while i just looked at things I had no money to buy.

It wasn't so bad, I was probably making some sort of cutting edge fashion statement that went somewhere along the lines of an I don't give a shit, just rolled out of bed look. I even got to see Bryce Black from this last season of Project Runway eyeing my ensemble while downing his own caffeinated beverage within the confines of starbucks.

I somehow got downtown(thanks Joel), picked up James' keys, got into our apartment, and peeled off my weathered clothes. I cranked on the heat and then got down to some revitalizing bizniss.

Eat your heart out non-Oregonians, Juanitas chips are the foundation of my happy place and they can only be found here.  Thrown in some MadMen and my lost afternoon took a 180 degree turn in a most excellent direction.

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  1. Please bring me 8 million bags of Juanitas......but seriously.