Monday, November 7, 2011

The Real Deal

Now that Winter, the real season not my internal season, has kicked in I feel the pressure to share with you the fleeting perfection of this years Fall/Halloween. Just days ago the temperature dropped to 30 degrees and a thick fog enveloped downtown Portland. But before we plunge head first into chilly oblivion let's reflect in the beauty and energy Portland reserved for Fall.

The decorations people put up range from the traditional

To the bizarre

There are also the multitude of pumpkins, their mangeled corpses littering peoples stairs, and homemade decorations.


There were plenty of the puking guts pumpkins this year, but I was really hoping for an ICP themed jackolantern. I guess that's my halloween project for next year!

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of my costume this year, but I still have all the fixins so I'm sure I'll pretend to be Margot again. The night we all went out dressed up was a bust so picture taking wasn't an option. Though I did get a picture of a girl whos shoulder art tops the cake for most ridiculous tattoo I've ever seen.
  On the real Halloween James and I went to the Bodies World exhibit at the OMSI(my first time there), then we saw a planetarium show,  a motion simulator ride, and an IMAX movie. After we went home I made pumpkin pie from scratch! Even though I forgot to add sugar to the filling James and Stina politely ate their servings and after we played a spooky game.

Bones Jenga!

Look at James's new tattoo! He's the most badass Gnome I've ever seen. Also, stina got cute new glasses and dressed up like Simone De Bouvoir. Hopefully November will bring a bookclub meeting, a better raise, and more pretty colors like this:

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  1. I too forgot to add sugar to my pumpkin pie....