Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Looking back

One of my least favorite places I visited this past year was Rome. This was partly due to the fact that my travel partner was robbed on our premier voyage on the subway system and that there seemed to be someone peeing around every corner. After having that sour taste put in our mouths(no one peed in our mouths) we had a difficult time tasting the deliciousness that is Rome when there was so much to hate. Now that it has been eight months I can look past the trashy smell and reflect on the beauty of the city.

It also helps that black and white film makes everything look more glamorous and enchanting. Come and revisit Rome with me, smells not included.






While Rome may be the toilet of Italy, there are places where Mr Clean's touch must have lingered. This particular place was the hilltop residence of the Medicis. I can only speculate at how lavish and beautiful the interior of the castle like dwelling was, but I can speak some truth about the wonderful surrounding gardens and the cute tiny doggies that were everywhere. On this sunny day Rome was magic, even with the poo colored rivers.

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  1. Does Italian pee smell like tomatoes, wine and spaghetti?