Friday, December 23, 2011

Birthday Walk Part 1

So it was my 24th annual celebration of birth a few weeks ago and I had a brilliant idea to go for a long and contemplative walk to commemorate my gaining a year in age.

This was no ordinary walk, it was one where I visited various good friends and sat down to have a single cup of tea accompanied by a chat. I had no idea how this experiment would actually turn out, especially because a few of mes amis had to work and couldn't benefit from my birthday visit.

The morning started out quite well, aside from the sniffles and snot that lingered from my head cold. It was brisk, but the shining sun gave hope that the day would be brilliant. My first stop was Sage's, where she fed me vegan baked goods, breakfast tea, and a new(for me) sweater! Woot woot, stop one and I had already scored some knit wear.

The next stop on my birthday bus was Melissa and Nolan's house. Now they currently have a house guest soooooo there were four, but only Mel and I were awake. We shared secrets and some green chai tea. Then came out my birthday present, a photo book entitled Images You Should Not Masturbate To. I'll let you guess just what kind of pictures it contains.

(I have to sleep, I'm feeling waaaaaaay too crazy)TBC...

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