Saturday, February 4, 2012

sf through the years

It seems that everytime I have the pleasure of visiting san francisco its for a little bit longer than the last trip. My first encounter with the city was driving through on our way up north, the next time was for a full twenty four hours, and the next two whole days. Taking this as a challenge my last trip spanned four whole days, and with no agenda. Yep, that's most definitely how I roll. Traveling for me isn't about seeing the things you are supposed to see when visiting, it's about creating your own experience. That can be food based, people oriented, or just plain random. More often than not I base my travels on visiting people I love and then possibly having one objective or goal. Lets take a trip back to the start of my love affair with the city on the bay.

 Throughout college one of my best friends from back home went to school an hour away from me in Oregon. At the end of a summer spent in sweltering Arizona we would make a road trip back to our respectable universities. We took a different route every time, and the last trip we made would be the first time we stayed over night in the bay. After driving 27 or so hours straight from AZ through Yosemite we were sleep deprived and in desperate need of an abode and our friend's sweet ass apartment by the stadium was perfect. After staying up for an extra twelve hours we fell asleep, only to be awoken by the sound of seals in the bay!

After a few months of being in Portland I headed back to the bay with two of my girlies for an epic long weekend of celebration for love fest. This is wheere I met the coolest kid in the world.

There were also plenty of sweet signs and costumes aplenty.

A few weeks ago I went down for one of my most important SF trips to date, a sort of memory mission if that makes any sense. I was there to rekindle the friendship flame, and also give hugs to those I love. Here's one of those bastards:


 We spent our time walking around rich people neighborhoods, eating chocolates shaped like mushrooms, and giggling like a bunch of fourteen year old girls.

that's a toy helicopter, GD rich people!

After I had my fun in the bay with family and friends who are family I headed down to a sweet ass little town called Mountain View to visit one of my favorite bitches.

I'm pretty fond of her owners too. It might be love, but then again it might just be arousal! To end our sweet embrace session we went into the city and did the only logical thing we could. We ate and drank to our hearts content.

 pumping iron

So fuck yes San Francisco, I do love you, and I will be back.

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