Thursday, January 5, 2012

chamomile infused rum

May I present you with a simple solution to the daily dilemma of how to getting rid of(drink) the random the booze I have but don't usually like to drink; infusion baby. Infusion is a special word for putting some crap into other stuff so that the stuff can absorb the essence of the crap. To put it directly and delicately I shoved some tea bags into rum, let it sit, then drank it. Drank waaaaay too much of it.

Fancy Pants Chamomile Infused Rum
Serves 1-whoevers left standing

Rum, one 250ml bottle
Chamomile(or other delightful tea), Four bags
super sweet special infusion bottle

Step 1: Empty contents of tea bags into your SSSIB. You could always go greener and just get the tea bulk, that way you don't have to make mother gia cry by throwing away those now useless tea bags.

Step 2: Pour rum over tea. Swish it around a bit, don't be afraid to make your own sound effects.

Step 3: Let this stuff marinade, get to know each other, allow proper osmosis. I let mine sit for about 15 hours, but I'll bet you could get away with only a few if you're that type.

Step 4: Pour this stuff into a chilled glass, squeeze fresh blood orange juice, maybe add a spritz of soda water and you're ready to party hardy.

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